My name is Alaina (Speiser) Carnahan; originally hailing from Sherwood, OH, I now reside in Kendallville, Indiana. Ace of Images' primary coverage area is northwest Ohio and northeast Indiana although we are available for coverage elsewhere and welcome the opportunity (have camera, love to travel!).

Having poured my life into the arts since a young age, I am dedicated to using my skills, talents, and training to better my community as well as earn a living. Holding a Bachelors of Fine Art from Defiance College, I specialize in photography, drawing, and printmaking (the original graphic arts!). When not working, I donate my time and photography to such organizations as the Volunteer Connection of Northwest Ohio, and covering local basketball teams for the developmentally disabled, and the Gene Stratton-Porter Historic Site in Rome City, IN. I truly believe the phrases, "Your time, your choice." and "Don't just live here, DO something".

Why do I primarily work in photographic media? I get a kick outta telling the stories that make life great, for better and for worse. Joining the Defiance Crescent-News in 2006, I discovered my love of sports photography. Forever documenting that precise moment that a high school senior makes the winning play, in spite of adversity due to weather, size of the opponent, or time -- that inspires me to strive. Dedication to my craft is also about tender moments when those same seniors realize it's graduation day, time to move on. When a father looks over and sees a bride walking up the aisle as not simply his little girl, but now someone's wife, it's these moments that move me. It's why I have been sucessfully shooting weddings since 2005.

This background in fine art and photojournalism gives me an edge over competition. Artists are passionate. Artists do not settle for the quick snapshot, they risk ridicule, and sometimes personal injury to get that perfect shot, to really tell the story. And nothing tests one's dedication and endurance than forfeiting every weekend to stand in potentially hazardous weather to cover a ballgame or breaking news (or both at the same time as I have encountered!). In these economic times, many people enter this field for a quick extra buck. Those of us who remember spending whole days scurrying around in the dim light of a darkroom, learning the basics and perfecting personal style endure and rise to the top.

It is a privilege and right earned through dedication and hardwork that I am in this business.
Alaina Carnahan